Symptoms and Causes of Acute and Chronic Back Pain

acute and chronic back painStudies indicate that major proportion of the global population is affected by both acute and chronic back pain. Acute back pain is classified as a pain that lingers in the back for a shorter period of time. i.e. for a minimum time period of one week. Chronic back pain, on the other hand, continues to linger in the back for a minimum of one month time period, sometimes it can even be for years together. The irony is that many people find it hard to distinguish between an acute and chronic back pain. The confusion is pretty much with regards to its symptoms. In most cases, the severity of back pain gets intense just out of fear. As soon as the pain haunts, we foresee and fear something serious. That is something extremely serious in nature and which should be avoided. It is fear that hampers the recovery process to a major extent. However, acute back pain relief can be experienced in the earliest stages of treatment itself.

Symptoms and causes of acute back pain

As such there are no serious symptoms of acute back pain. However, it should be inferred that the back pain is acute through the following.

  • Back pain persisting for a period up to six weeks
  • Pain in the buttocks and thigh region

Acute back pain develops as a result of burning, aching and stabbing. The magnitude of these type of pain fluctuates on a steady basis. It can be very severe as well as be moderate. Experts argue that acute back pain can be as a result of any intense activity. According to the recently published statistics, around 15% of the people experience acute back pain once in their lifetime. One factor of comfort is that this kind of back pain is less annoying in nature compared to chronic back pain.

Symptoms and causes of chronic back pain

Back pain can be categorized as chronic if the individual experiences either of the below symptoms in any magnitude. The first and foremost symptom of chronic back pain are its longevity. The pain will be highly annoying for more than three months.

  • Highly sharp aching
  • Severe pain
  • Gradual extension of pain to other parts of the body
  • Stiffness in muscles and nerves

All the more the exact cause of chronic back pain is very hard to ascertain. The reason is sometimes even bones, nerves and soft tissues trigger these type of pain. Findings of a popular research study attribute smoking to be one among the prime cause of chronic back pain. Indulging in sporting activities like cross-country skiing can trigger chronic back pain to a greater extent. Also driving vehicle for an elongated period of time without proper breaks can also result in such pain

On a general note, chronic back pain can be contained very much by consuming pain relievers like soma and tramadol for a reasonable period of time. The symptoms highlighted above aren’t the only ones that indicate chronic back pain. Age factor plays a major role in the nature of chronic back pain symptoms.